What are hospitality TV systems?


What are hospitality TV systems?

  • Hospitality TV systems are the TV and video technologies used by hotels, restaurants and bars to provide entertainment and other services to guests.

  • Hospitality TV systems include both TV screens as well as the technology that can cost-effectively deliver content and programming options simultaneously to TV sets and hundreds or thousands of rooms.

Hotels are increasingly looking to improve their hospitality TV systems as they seek to compete for guests and improve profitability. But what are hospitality TV systems exactly, and what features and benefits do they offer?

Here’s a brief primer on “What are hospitality TV systems?” that answers these questions and more.

What are hospitality TV systems?

Hospitality TV systems provide television and interactive programming to guests rooms and common areas in hotels and other businesses that accommodate visitors. Hospitality TV systems include both the TV display and the technology that delivers content to displays.

What are hospitality TV systems intended to do?

Hospitality TV systems are designed to provide guests with entertainment options, business services, hotel communications and other information and services that may benefit the visitor. Programming may be complementary or hotels may choose to charge guests for certain programming like on-demand movies. As such, hospitality TV systems can be both a competitive differentiator and a source of revenue.

What are hospitality TV systems’ common features?

Features of hospitality TV systems may include:

  • standard television programming

  • premium television channels

  • on-demand content

  • hotel welcome message capabilities

  • channel mapping

  • programming menus

  • music

  • Internet applications

  • shopping services

What are hospitality TV systems’ greatest benefit?

Hospitality TV systems enable hotels to cost-effectively deliver the content that users want with the quality they expect when staying at a hotel or hospitality venue.

What are hospitality TV systems with Pro:Idiom?

Pro:Idiom™ is an encryption technology for use in hospitality TV systems that secures the delivery of signals carrying high definition television content and on-demand content. This technology is required by many content providers to ensure the encryption and security of the content they distribute.

What are hospitality TV systems from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides America’s largest businesses with fiber solutions for Internet, voice, cloud and TV services, including hospitality TV systems. Spectrum Enterprise offers hospitality systems with both distributed boxes and centralized fiber connections to provide hotels, restaurants and other hospitality establishments with more options for guest entertainment.