What is enterprise video?


What is enterprise video?

  • Enterprise video is a collection of technologies that enables businesses and users to more easily deliver and consume video from a variety of sources.

  • Enterprise video includes solutions for viewing broadcast programming, streaming video and video on demand, as well as video for training purposes, communications, product demos, sales pitches, advertising and more.

Enterprise video is playing an increasingly important role in business operations. But what is enterprise video exactly, and how can it help improve productivity and create competitive differentiation? Here’s a short introduction to the subject “What is enterprise video?” that answers these questions and more.

What is enterprise video?

Enterprise video encompasses a variety of technologies that allow organizations and employees to use, receive and send video more easily. Enterprise video may involve solutions that deliver broadcast news, sports and entertainment programming to users, as well as content delivery networks (CDNs) that can be used to disseminate video for communications, product releases, advertising, training purposes, sales pitches and more.

What is enterprise video for education?

Educational institutions use enterprise video to provide a rich, high-definition viewing experience in classrooms, student rooms, resource centers and campus common areas.

What is enterprise video for government?

Government agencies use enterprise video to inform and entertain visitors and employees with a variety of programming.

What is enterprise video for healthcare?

Healthcare organizations rely on quality enterprise video to improve patient satisfaction by providing exceptional viewing experiences in hospital rooms, waiting rooms and other common areas.

What is enterprise video for hospitality?

Hotels incorporate enterprise video to help improve the experience of guests, providing a “just-like-home” viewing experience that provides access to television shows, movies, games, shopping services, information and more.

What is enterprise video with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise offers enterprise video services as part of a suite of fiber solutions for Internet, voice and TV. Spectrum Enterprise video provides a superior HD viewing experience, delivering high-quality TV programming and customized solutions that meet business needs and exceed customer expectations. Local account teams with extensive commercial enterprise video experience help define and select the best solutions, while legacy device support for analog equipment like fitness room screens and exercise equipment helps to leverage existing enterprise video investments. Enterprise video from Spectrum includes industry-tailored solutions for government TV, hospitality TV, healthcare TV and education TV.