What does hospitality TV mean?


What does hospitality TV mean?

  • Hospitality TV refers to the television technology and content provided in hotel rooms and other hotel environments such as common areas and restaurants.

  • Hospitality TV differs from consumer TV technology in providing more capabilities for interactive programming, video-on-demand and other services that guests may find useful.

Hospitality TV is an important part of the guest experience when staying at a hotel, and choosing the right hospitality TV provider can help to delight customers, reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

But what does hospitality TV mean, and how does it differ from technology and programming provided by other services? Here’s a short introduction to “What does hospitality TV mean?” that answers these questions.

What does hospitality TV mean?

Hospitality TV refers both two the type of television displays used in hotel guest rooms and common areas, and for the technology and content that delivers programming to these TVs.

What does hospitality TV mean for the guest experience?

Hospitality TV can improve the experience for guests by providing:

  • standard television programming

  • premium television channels like HBO, Showtime and Cinemax

  • on-demand content like popular movies and TV shows

  • a menu of hospitality TV services

  • shopping services

  • information about local attractions and dining options

  • welcome messages

  • channel guides

  • music channels

  • local weather information

  • Internet applications

What does hospitality TV mean for hotel profitability?

Hospitality TV can help to reduce costs by providing high-quality programming more economically to hundreds or thousands of rooms. Hospitality TV can also be a revenue stream, where guests pay for certain on-demand services and programming.

What does hospitality TV mean for reliability?

Hospitality TV displays are typically more durable than consumer televisions and are designed to enable more interactive services.

What does hospitality TV mean for security?

Most hospitality TV systems incorporate Pro:Idiom services, an advanced level of encryption that protects high-definition digital video content. Many pay TV services require Pro:Idiom technology to be in place before they allow their content to be used in a hospitality setting.

What does hospitality TV mean at Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides many of America’s largest companies with fiber solutions for Internet, voice, cloud and TV, including hospitality TV services. Spectrum Enterprise hospitality TV solutions provide guests with access to thousands of hours of free on-demand programs and a “just-like-home” HDTV viewing experience. Spectrum Enterprise offers setups with distributed boxes or centralized TV connections to provide more options for delivering hospitality TV services.