What are TV streaming apps?


What are TV streaming apps?

  • TV streaming apps are applications that enable TV shows, movies and video to be viewed instantly on a user’s device.

  • TV streaming apps may be used on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and TV sets connected to the Internet.

  • TV streaming apps download a small portion of a video, storing or “buffering” it before playing it. As each portion of video plays, and other bit of video is being downloaded and buffered for viewing a few seconds later.

TV streaming apps are a rising technology that is changing the way consumers and business users consume video. But what are TV streaming apps and how do they work? For anyone curious about the technology behind these popular applications, here is a brief tutorial on “What are TV streaming apps?”

What are TV streaming apps?

TV streaming apps are applications that enable instantaneous viewing of video by playing a file as it downloads, rather than waiting to watch it until the entire file has been downloaded. A streaming app downloads video in small portions, saving or “buffering” a bit of video before playing it. As each bit of video is played, another bit is being downloaded for buffering and viewing. TV streaming apps never download entire videos – after each piece of video has been viewed, it is deleted from the device.

What are TV streaming apps used for?

TV streaming apps can be used to instantly view TV programs, movies and videos on computers, tablets, smart phones and other devices with Internet connections.

What are TV streaming apps’ advantages?

TV streaming apps allow viewers access to video almost right away, and do not consume storage space on devices.

What are TV streaming apps’ disadvantages?

If TV streaming apps can’t download video fast enough, the user will experience delays or “lag” that cause the video to pause while it waits for more content.

What are TV streaming apps level of quality?

Video quality of TV streaming apps depends on the speed of the Internet connection. Standard definition video requires a connection of at least 2 Mbps, while high-definition video may require speeds of 5 or 10 Mbps.

What are TV streaming apps from Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber Internet, voice and TV solutions for many of America’s largest businesses. Spectrum Enterprise TV technology enables organizations in a wide variety of industries to meet business needs and exceed client expectations with high-definition viewing experiences. Spectrum Enterprise also provides a TV streaming app – Spectrum TV Streaming Access – that allows users to stream TV and on-demand video to Internet-connected devices.