What is video on demand (VOD)?


What is video on demand (VOD)?

  • Video on demand, or VOD, is a technology that permits users to watch television shows, movies and other video content at any time, instead of watching at times prescribed by a broadcast television channel or cable TV service.

  • Video on demand is a common feature of digital cable television providers, who may package it with standard broadcast television programming.

  • Video on demand is often available on standard televisions as well as desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices and other Internet-ready technologies.

As video continues to be a dominant form of communication and entertainment, video on demand (VOD) has become increasingly available to consumer and business users. But what is video on demand (VOD) exactly, and how can it help content providers and other businesses to improve competitiveness?

Here’s a brief introduction to “What is video on demand (VOD)?” that provides a basic overview of its benefits.

What is video on demand (VOD)?

Services for video on demand enable users to watch video content like movies and television shows whenever they want, rather than having to wait until the programming is scheduled by a broadcast television channel. Video on demand may be accessed through VOD streaming, which enables a video program to play immediately, or it may be downloaded to a device for later viewing.

What is video on demand (VOD) vs. traditional cable offerings?

Traditionally, cable TV providers presented programming similar to the over-the-air programming of the 20th century. Video content was scheduled for a certain time, and viewers would need to watch programs in real-time or record them for later viewing. Video on demand has changed that formula by making thousands of TV shows, movies and other content available whenever a user wishes to view them.

What is video on demand (VOD) designed to do?

VOD technology was developed to help providers gain competitive advantage by giving users more ways to access the content they want.

What is video on demand (VOD) greatest advantage?

Convenience is the biggest benefit of video on demand. Where users once needed to amend their own schedules in order to watch a piece of programming, VOD enables them to consume video at times that work best for them.

What is video on demand (VOD) technology?

To provide video on demand, video content must be converted to a digital format, stored on a video server and then be compressed before it is transmitted through an Internet connection. When the data is received, it is decoded, decompressed and stored on the user’s device, enabling functionality such as pausing, fast-forward and rewind.

What is video on demand (VOD) at Spectrum Enterprise?

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