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Improve competitiveness with superior hotel Internet service

Providing fast and easy access to hotel Internet service is a critical priority for hospitality businesses today. Guests expect hotel Internet connections to be available everywhere throughout their stay, and they want speeds that rival or exceed the connections they have at home. When their experience with hotel wireless and hotel Internet services is positive, guests are more likely to return – and to offer the kind of ratings and reviews on travel sites that can help to increase traffic from other business and leisure travelers.

But providing fast and ubiquitous hotel Internet connectivity can be a challenge for IT teams. Wireless services can be notoriously difficult to manage on large hotel properties, where thick concrete walls can obstruct signals and a sprawling footprint creates unique challenges. From installation and management of hotel Internet technology to bandwidth monitoring and troubleshooting connection issues, ensuring reliable hospitality WiFi and Internet services can consume a huge amount of IT resources.

Fiber hotel Internet services from Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise provides hotel Internet services that can help deliver exceptional experiences for guests while minimizing the burden for IT teams and hotel staff. As a leading provider of fiber technology for America’s largest businesses, we offer solutions for the hospitality industry that include hospitality phone systems and hotel TV in addition to hotel Internet solutions.

Our hotel Internet services include:

  • Fiber Internet Access, delivering dedicated, high-performance connections with speeds that scale from 25Mbps up to 10Gbps. Availability is guaranteed by industry-leading SLAs, and our dense fiber reach allows us to provide fiber connectivity at a competitive price.
  • Managed WiFi services, delivering seamless access throughout a hotel property with speeds from 5Mbps up to 10Gbps. With this fully managed service, Spectrum Enterprise experts handle everything from RF surveys and network design to installation, management, monitoring and upgrades, along with an end-user helpdesk that significantly minimizes calls to the IT department.


Advantages of Spectrum Enterprise hotel Internet solutions

With hotel Internet services provided by Spectrum Enterprise, hotels can:

  • Delight guests using hotel WiFi with fast and constantly available hotel Internet access.
  • Minimize the administrative and technical burden on hotel staff for managing hotel Internet and WiFi services.
  • Enjoy seamless hotel Internet and WiFi access throughout a property, with support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections.
  • Scale bandwidth on a seasonal or daily basis to accommodate peak traffic periods and spikes in usage.


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