Improve Business Productivity with Unified Communications from Spectrum Enterprise

Keep teams connected and ready to collaborate from anywhere with Unified Communications (UC) from Spectrum Enterprise. Unified Communications from Spectrum Enterprise is a fully managed virtualized collaboration solution that combines features organizations need most. UC is delivered over our private fiber network, provides a consistent user experience across platforms and devices and includes dedicated voice bandwidth. Watch the video to learn more about our distinct packages, customized training options and 24/7/365 support.


The next generation of voice solutions here. And it's helping teams everywhere, connect and collaborate — seamlessly.

Unified Communications from Spectrum Enterprise is a virtualized collaboration solution available in distinct packages that combine features organizations need most. The UC Connect package allows users to experience seamless communications across all platforms, including IP phones, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. With a single click, users control how and when they can be contacted and can easily transition from simple chat conversations to voice.

The UC Connect Plus package extends UC capabilities to your mobile device while delivering a simplified voice experience to your employees. With UC Connect Plus, users can make and receive calls from any device, at any location, all with a single phone number, dial plan, voice mailbox and a unified set of features. UC Connect Plus enables users to call colleagues from a mobile phone by dialing a four-digit extension, and to move calls seamlessly between desk and mobile phones.

For call centers, the Hosted Call Center package adds specialized capabilities required in virtual call center environments to keep agents productive and includes management tools for call center supervisors.

Spectrum Enterprise Unified Communications is delivered over our secure, all-fiber network using dedicated bandwidth for voice traffic. The service is fully managed and includes 24/7/365 support for IT departments and end users. Support is always available by calling *611 from any licensed user phone.

Lastly, training is customized for the unique needs of your organization. We cover all users with our training, whether it's a busy service representative answering hundreds of calls per day, a call center supervisor who needs to run analytical reports, or a business user who's simply looking to maximize their productivity with unified communications capabilities.

Unified Communications from Spectrum Enterprise simplifies the communications experience with a reliable, fully managed, end-to-end service. It's the next generation voice solution—unified, simplified.

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