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Hosted Call Center

Benefits of Hosted Call Center:

Whether you have a simple, informal call center environment or operate a complex high-volume call center, Spectrum Enterprise Hosted Call Center solutions will scale the solution to your organization’s needs. From robust disaster recovery services to automatically routing calls anywhere with a simple call distribution and queuing scenario to advanced routing and call management options, our fully managed solutions provide the right service package and Unified Communications capabilities for your needs. Hosted Call Center includes all the equipment, software, and service, without burdensome startup costs with unmatched 24/7/365 support from our locally based and dedicated service teams.

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Hosted Call Center overview

Hosted Call Center is a cloud-based call center solution to fit multiple needs and functions ranging from an informal to highly complex call center environment. It supports call center functions to intelligently route calls with cloud-based inbound call center features such as customizable Call Center Agent Feature Packs, advanced call control, supervisor monitoring features, robust call center reporting, and real-time tracking.

Business feature pack

Supports informal call centers such as a receptionist pool or small workgroup.

  • Calls can be queued and monitored

  • Calls can be routed based on most idle, first or next agent, simultaneous or weighted

  • No PC client software required


Enhanced feature pack

Introduces additional routing and reporting functionality.

  • Ability to set availability controls

  • Presents name of queue to agent answering call

Supervisor feature pack

Allows supervisors to monitor and report on agent or queued activities. Enhanced or Premium Call Center Agent Feature Pack required.

  • Monitor/manage agents

  • Silent call and real-time call monitoring

  • View and change call distribution states

  • Join an agent on call

  • Monitor real-time queued activity

  • Automated email and web-based reports of real-time and historical data

Premium feature pack

Supports environments that require advanced routing and detailed inbound and outbound analytics.

  • DNIS reporting

  • Additional messages for incoming calls, such as announcing estimated wait time or number of callers in queue

  • Time of day routing supported for 24 hour call centers

  • Silent monitoring of agents

  • Outbound call center reporting

  • Disposition codes can be used to track call results – case closed, escalated, transferred, etc.

Hosted call recording feature packs also available


Basic call recording

Designed for informal call centers that require no more than 30 days of call storage.

  • Calls can be annotated with comments and reported on through a user portal

Business recording and analytics (adds to above)

  • VocalQ analytics

  • Support for encryption and audio mining

  • Includes 1 GB of storage per pack (3 minutes of recording equals 1 MB of storage)

Premium recording and analytics

  • Agent evaluation and performance rating capability

On-demand mobile recording

  • Calls can be recorded on-demand

  • Calls are kept for 14 days

  • User records important information as needed

VOCALQ audio mining

  • Gather and trend popular phrases and keyword alerts

Additional storage

Option to add storage for long term archiving and reporting advanced routing and call management options, our fully managed solution includes all the equipment, software, and service, without burdensome startup costs.