Hosted Voice

Benefits of Hosted Voice:

  • Dedicated and secure data connection over our privately owned and operated all fiber network

  • Modular and fully customizable

  • High definition (HD) voice equipment, featuring Polycom IP phones

  • Leading edge technology and automatic upgrades

  • Full IT support and collaboration

  • Full redundancy in the Enterprise Solutions cloud ensures improved reliability compared to traditional premise-based systems

  • Unlimited long distance calling to all states and territories and over 50 of the countries called most often by businesses worldwide



  • Unified Communications - PC, MAC and mobile applications that allow users to control feature settings, view call logs, speed dials, and company directory. Supports secure instant messaging, directory, and click-to-dial applications. Includes hold, transfer, and conference call control features. Unified Communications are included with Hosted Voice bundles.

  • Auto Attendant - Provides callers with company greeting and dialing menu options. Routes calls to multiple user-defined destinations. Auto Attendant is included with Hosted Voice bundles.

  • Voice Mail Box - General company Voice Mail or additional boxes for mobile or remote employees

  • Queue - Automatic call queue when receptionist is busy. Plays greeting and music-on-hold until call is answered

  • Receptionist Console - Manage incoming calls via PC application. Allows receptionist to monitor line status, transfer calls, and all call handling features in real time. Supports unlimited number of users


Hosted Voice overview

Hosted Voice from Spectrum Enterprise is a fully managed cloud-based solution that offers advanced unified communications customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. It’s a fully scalable solution that improves productivity and provides a flexible, cost-effective pay-as-you-go feature to fit any budget. Hosted Voice provides seamless connection to the office from anywhere, maximizing the productivity of your mobile and remote employees.

Every Feature Pack includes best in class, high definition (HD) phone equipment, unified communications software, and full technical support and collaboration.

Hosted Voice is reliable and responsive. Our fully redundant facilities-based IP core infrastructure ensures availability and quality of service. Features such as voice mail and automated attendant are located in the cloud, which means there is no loss of service due to inclement weather or local loss of power, ensuring business continuity. As technology advances, features are seamlessly integrated in the Enterprise Solutions cloud and automatically upgraded, eliminating costly and difficult upgrades that organizations face when managing a premise-based voice platform.

Unlike other providers, Spectrum Enterprise delivers Hosted Voice via a dedicated and secure data connection over our privately owned fiber network. There is never any waiting for a third party to respond to issues. Enterprise Solutions engineers manage the voice service and correlating IT infrastructure, with locally based customer service teams available 24/7/365 to respond immediately. Because we manage and maintain the system infrastructure in our cloud, Hosted Voice allows clients to improve efficiency, minimize costs, and reallocate precious IT resources to business critical activities.


Business feature pack

Includes all the productivity boosting features an organization expects from an enterprise class phone system:

  • HD voice quality

  • Extension dialing, including multi-site call routing

  • Voice Mail to email delivery

  • Call forwarding to internal and external numbers

  • Call transfer and 3-way calling

  • Multiple Voice Mail greetings

  • Online user portal allows you to view call logs and control user settings

Premium feature pack

Provides total workforce connectivity with powerful Find Me/Follow Me mobility features:

  • Allows multiple devices to ring simultaneously when receiving incoming calls

  • Calls can be transferred between mobile and desk phones

  • Calls can be pulled from desk to mobile phones assuring seamless mobility

  • Schedule call handling preferences by time of day, day of week, and caller

  • Text message alerts on call activity

  • Selective call blocking

Mobility feature pack

Enhances the productivity of a mobile workforce with additional features:

  • Integrates mobile users into the office network

  • Users receive calls through their enterprise assigned DID or extension number

  • Voice Mail to email delivery

  • Voice Mail stored in the cloud, not on mobile device

Conference room feature pack

Integrates a premium conference phone with features such as:

  • Multiple microphones

  • Call transfer

  • 3-way calling

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