Scalable, reliable, and fast connectivity for major hotel brands

For major hotel brands, slow and unreliable Internet service is not an option. Whether catering to vacationers, business travelers, or conference attendees, hotels feel the pressure: Blazing fast Internet needs to be on the ready, all day, every day. Hotel guests also expect entertainment like high-definition television to be available between meetings and golf games, and at the spa.


TWCBC (TWCBC is now Spectrum Enterprise) has offered off-the-chart, absolutely phenomenal, great service, and is quick to meet our needs. 



The Hilton Palm Springs hosts a number of large conventions and leisure travelers, so scalable bandwidth and reliable business phone services are essential.

The ability to easily adjust bandwidth at a moment’s notice—along with robust Fiber Internet Access, High-Definition TV, Managed WiFi, and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) phone services—make Spectrum Enterprise the service provider of choice for Hilton Palm Springs.

With fast, reliable, and scalable solutions for hospitality delivered on a fiber network, Hilton Palm Springs is now providing superior connectivity and entertainment options for guests. This, along with local, dedicated support, helps the hotel brands simplify operations, manage costs, and bolster client trust and loyalty.



Full Case Study: Spectrum Enterprise Partners with Hilton Palm Springs to Raise the Bar on Hospitality.

Hotel brands benefit from advanced connectivity solutions

Secure, seamless connectivity for all guests

Exceed performance expectations and provide fast, reliable, fiber connectivity and secure access to corporate systems and files via VPN or WiFi in rooms and common areas.

Seasonal and event bandwidth flexibility

Effortlessly meet seasonal, conference, or event bandwidth variances. Adjust bandwidth for short or long periods with a simple phone call.

“Just like home” voice and HDTV amenities

Future-proof your voice network with reliable, scalable Primary Rate Interface (PRI) business voice services. And provide top channels, plus hospitality-specific content, with flexible HDTV packages.

Fortified back-of-house operations

Empower productivity with a reliable and secure WAN infrastructure via MEF CE 2.0 Certified Ethernet Services, backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

Simplified operations for cost savings

Discover where you can simplify, bundle, and save. A single provider for Internet, Voice, Television, Network and Cloud Services can help you reduce costs and spend more time catering to guests.

Strong guest and business ratings

Boost guest experience and business ratings with stellar connectivity and entertainment services that ensure both leisure and business guests are happy.