How to: Create an MX Record

An MX record consists of both an "Exchange" record and an "A" record. The Exchange record will be created first, followed by the necessary "A" record.

  1. Starting from a blank Create DNS Record form, select the MX Record radio button.

    Note: The field names on the form change to reflect the naming convention for MX records. The MX record field names are Host Value, Mail Exchange, TTL, and Priority.

  2. The host value may be left blank, as it is not needed to create the record. In the unusual event of multiple servers located at different locations this field is required, but otherwise should be left blank.
  3. In the Mail Exchange field enter the host name of the mail server, in this case "mail." Do not enter the domain and top level domain; these were selected with the Search context drop-down menu.
  4. Enter any value in the Priority field, unless the existence of multiple MX records for the domain requires prioritization.
  5. Leave the TTL field blank to accept the default value of 86,400 seconds (24 hours).
  6. Click the Create button to submit the record for creation.

  7. The Interface tool will display an MX record created message.
  8. Create a corresponding "A" record for this MX record.

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