How to: Modify a Record

    1.Login to the DNS and E-mail Administrative Interface tool via a Web browser.

    2. Use the Select context drop-down menu to select a DNS zone.

    3. Click Modify in the Main Menu Bar (the orange bar).

    4. Click DNS Record in the sub-menu bar (the blue bar). The Modify DNS Record form will appear.

    5. Click the Full DNS Query radio button at the bottom of the form to display the DNS Record         details for the DNS Zone.

    6. Select the record to modify and click the hyperlink under the Host column to populate the blank         fields data for the record.

    7. Enter the new address into the IP Address field.

    8. Click the Modify button at the bottom to submit and save changes.

    9. The Interface tool displays a record modified message.

    10. Click the DNS Records link in the Sub-Menu bar (the blue bar) and the Modify screen will         appear. The details in the bottom half of the screen should reflect changes.

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Thank you for submitting your feedback.