What are the DNS server addresses for Hawaii?

NOTE: The following information pertains to DNS services and NOT *Static IP Address Information.

Legacy DNS Platform:

The DNS server addresses are:

  • ns.oceanic.com
  • dns2.oceanic.net

2010 DNS Platform:

  • ns1.biz.rr.com
  • ns2.biz.rr.com
  • dns4.rr.com

NOTE: Please do not make any changes to your ANS records unless you have been given instructions to do so by our presupport team. Please have the designated primary point of contact notify your Account Manager prior to making any DNS related changes. Some customers may require using one DNS platform vs. the other. Please check with your Account Manager or Presupport Service Provisioning prior to making any changes to your domain registration's nameserver designations.

*Static IP users:
Please do not use any of these nameservers with your Spectrum Business Static IP. Please refer to the email you have received with your Static IP Allocation. If you cannot find your Static IP Information Email, please contact Commercial Technical Support, your Account Manager, or Presupport Service Provisioning.

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