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How do I configure e-mail?

E-mail - Generic Configuration

Configuring e-mail settings may be different from program to program, but all e-mail programs require the same basic information. The list below describes the different information required by most e-mail programs for configuring them. Please refer to your e-mail platform specific FAQ for configuration assistance.

POP mail
Some E-mail programs check other types of e-mail boxes as well as POP. If the program asks for the type of e-mail box, then select the option for POP e-mail. POP e-mail is already the default for most programs.

Address, Return Address, Reply-To Address
This is similar to the return address on a postal letter. Enter the user's E-mail address here. For example:

UserID, popID, Username
Enter the popID selected upon creation of the POP account. For example,

Enter the password associated with the POP e-mail box. Some programs do not ask for the password until the mail account is checked.

POP Server Name, Incoming Server Name
Enter for the POP server name. 

SMTP Server Name, Outgoing Server Name

Enter for the SMTP server.
The Business Class outgoing mail servers will require you to authenticate as a valid mail user. After entering the SMTP server information, be sure to select the option within your mail client that indicates the SMTP server will require authentication. The UserID and Password will be the same as the credentials provided for the incoming mail server.

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Thank you for your feedback