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How do I login to my Domain Specific e-mail account?

E-mail Administrator - Login

Legacy Domain Specific Email Customers Admins can login with their root account at

  1. webmail.<domain name>  (i.e.

  2. or

2010 Domain Specific Email Platform Customers:
The DNS and E-mail Administrative Interface tool is accessed via a Web browser. The DNS and E-mail Administrative Interface tool is optimized for Microsoft® Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher, and for Mozillas Firefox 2.0 and higher.  But the tool also works well with other common browsers such as Opera and Apple’s Safari.

To access the DNS and E-mail Administrative Interface tool:

  1. Enter the following address in a Web browser’s address field to access the Login page:
2.     On the Login page, enter your User Name and Password. 

NOTE: You should have received your User Name from the Spectrum Business account representative who assisted you with setting up your account.  Your password should have been sent to you at the e-mail address that you provided to the same representative. If you do not know your User Name and Password, contact your local Spectrum Business Provider to obtain one.

3.     Click Login. The Main menu opens.

If this is your first time logging in to the system you will be prompted to change the temporary password that was e-mailed to you.  You will need to select a new password at this time.


Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback