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How do I compose a message?

Composing a Mail Message

To compose a new mail message:

1. Login to the account at

2. Click Compose at the top left

     * You can choose Rich Text Editor or Plain Text Editor by selecting the link at the top right

3. Select check box above Save a Copy to save a copy of the outgoing message. 

4. Fill in necessary information such as the "To" field (Emailaddress of the person receiving message),     Subject, etc.    

    * When applicable, select the Save a copy or Request return receipt boxes

5. Click Send at the top left

Figure 1


In the event a graphical editor is preferred, click on the Graphical Editor link on the right side of the screen below the Logout link (see Figure 2 & 3).


Figure 2



Figure 3

Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback