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What Are Account Codes?

Non-Verified Account Codes
Account Codes allow you to keep track of the calls that are made from your phones. Each user must put in their account code before a call can be made. You can use account codes and track calls made with them to allocate the calls to a user project, department, or other special accounts. Codes are set per TN and are from 2 - 10 digits (10 - 9999999999).

Verified Account Codes
Verified Account Codes are codes that are required when making long distance calls. You can track all calls made with an account code and appropriately allocate the calls. It allows you to keep track of the calls and track them to user projects, department, or other special accounts. The account codes are from 4 to 8 digits. They differ from Non-Verified Account Codes in that the user must input a valid Verified Account Code before they can make a call. The Admin will create the list of valid account codes. An account code list is established for all valid codes using Voice Manager and applies to all lines on the account with this feature. Verified Account Codes also allows a user to use other phone lines that may have call restrictions such as blocked calls.  

This feature is no longer available to new customers.

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Thank you for your feedback