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What is Call Pickup and Directed Call Pickup?

Administrators can configure call pickup groups, and these users can answer calls that come in on any directory number other than their own. When an incoming call rings on another phone, the user can redirect the call to his or her own phone by using one of the call pickup phone features. The Directed Call Pickup feature lets you pick up a call directed to another phone inside your business. Below, you'll find more information about call pickup and directed pickup features and access codes.

Call Pickup

To pick up a call that is ringing on another group member's phone, dial *114. The oldest incoming call within the group will be picked up.

Directed Pickup

To pickup a call that is ringing a specific line, dial *97 plus the extension of the other line. For example, to pick up a call ringing on extension 4443 you would dial *974443.

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