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What types of Call Forwarding are available?

  • Call Forwarding Always allows all calls to be forwarded to a specific phone number. It does not matter whether the line is busy or unanswered; when Call Forward Always is set, all calls will be forwarded.

  • Call Forwarding Busy allows user to forward incoming calls to another number when the line is busy. There is no reminder ring for this feature. If you are subscribed to voicemail, the feature will be on at set up and will be pointed to the voicemail access number. If this is modified, voicemail will not receive calls.

  • Call Forwarding No Answer allows you to forward incoming calls that are not answered within a specified number of rings to another number. This allows the user to answer the phone when he/she is available. If subscribed to voicemail, the target number for CFNA is set at install to the voicemail system access number. If this is changed by the user, voicemail will not receive calls.

  • Call Forwarding Selective screens each incoming call to determine whether the telephone number should be forwarded or not. Calls are forwarded based on a list of telephone numbers specified by the Voice user.

  • Call Forwarding – Remote Access via Voice Manager Portal. Users can access portal from a mobile device to manage and change call forwarding settings.

  • Call Forwarding Ring Splash is a short ring that acts as a notification of an activated feature but is not available on every feature. This is also called a reminder ring.

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Thank you for your feedback