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What restrictions are there for Caller ID?

  • Caller ID is limited to 15 characters (including spaces)

  • An abbreviation for all or some of the company name

  • For professional offices, the name of the professional may be used (e.g., doctor's name; lawyer's name)

  • Generic names are valid (retail store; doctors office, etc.)

  • Alternative company names (e.g., a d/b/a name)

  • We cannot modify the Calling Number portion of Caller ID service

  • The words ""unavailable"", ""nothing"", ""none"" or other words not directly related to the company's business may not be used

  • No inappropriate or questionable abbreviations will be accepted

  • Spoofing the TN line is not permitted

  • Example: 999-999-9999 or 123-456-7890
Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback