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What is Office Anywhere?

Office Anywhere allows you to make it seem like you are using your office phone for outbound calls when you are working remotely. Calls made from the remote location shows the caller ID as your office phone.

Office Anywhere is especially useful for telecommuters, mobile workers, and clients who travel. The feature enables you to use the features of the Spectrum Business Voice line while being away from the office including using the Spectrum Business Voice phone number, account codes, conference calls, and transfers. You can activate your features remotely as well. Remote access to some of the your Spectrum Business Voice features can be done through the handset by dialing the toll free number. For true “remote office” setup, you can combine this feature with Call Forward so that inbound calls are directed to the client’s remote location.

This feature is no longer available to new clients.

Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback