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How do I setup my voicemail and create a greeting?

You can create a greeting when setting up your voicemail for the first time:

  1. From the Spectrum Business Voice line, enter *98.
  2. Press #, if prompted, indicating you are dialing from your Spectrum Business Voice line.
  3. Enter your default PIN. Note: Your temporary PIN is the last 4 digits of your Spectrum Business Voice line.
  4. Select your language preference. For U.S. English, press 1 or for Spanish, press 2.
  5. The system will play the First Time Users greeting. First, enter a new 4-digit PIN. Note: This can't be the last 4-digits of your phone number, repetitive numbers (1111), or sequential numbers (1234).
  6. When prompted, record your voicemail greeting. This is the greeting that callers will hear when your calls go to voicemail or All Calls greeting.
Thank you for your feedback
Thank you for your feedback