How does Pro:Idiom work?


How does Pro:Idiom work?

  • Pro:Idiom is an encryption technology used in the hospitality industry to protect digital signals that deliver television and video-on-demand to guestrooms.

  • Pro:Idiom enables a central decoder within a hotel property to decrypt video signals from a headend or satellite feed. The signals are then re-encoded, delivered securely to televisions in each room, where a Pro:Idiom chip inside the TV set decodes the signal for guests to watch.

Pro:Idiom has become the dominant digital content protection technology for the hospitality industry. But How does Pro:Idiom work, and what are its benefits to hotels and hospitality businesses? Here’s a brief introduction to “How does Pro:Idiom work?” that provides details and answers.

How does Pro:Idiom work?

Pro:Idiom is a technology developed by LG to make it easier to deliver encrypted video signals to hotel rooms. Delivery of Pro:Idiom encrypted HDTV signals requires distribution system with a central decoder in the hotel to decrypt incoming video from a high-definition headend or satellite feed. Signals are then re-encoded and delivered to TV sets in each room that are equipped with the Pro:Idiom chip, which decodes the signal without requiring set-top boxes for each TV.

How does Pro:Idiom work to improve security?

Pro:Idiom technology makes it almost impossible for HD video signals to be intercepted or recorded within the hotel room, protecting the digital rights of television programmers and content providers.

How does Pro:Idiom work to enable quality programming?

Many digital content providers, including HBO, Showtime, ESPN and others, require encryption of the HD signal in hospitality environments where a set-top box is not present in each room to prevent content from being pirated.

How does Pro:Idiom work to enhance with the guest experience?

Pro:Idiom enables hotels to eliminate the set-top box, providing a more uncluttered look within the hotel room. Pro:Idiom also enables hospitality businesses to provide higher quality programming to entertain and delight customers.

How does Pro:Idiom work with hospitality TVs?

Use of Pro:Idiom requires a special kind of hospitality TV that has a Pro:Idiom chip embedded in it. These displays are easily available from major manufacturers.

How does Pro:Idiom work with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber Internet, voice and video solutions for America’s largest businesses. Offering HDTV solutions that are customized for specific industries, Spectrum Enterprise offers Pro:Idiom technology as part of its video offerings for the hospitality industry.