What is Pro:Idiom TV?


What is Pro:Idiom TV?

  • Pro:Idiom TV is a digital protection system and encryption technology used in the hospitality industry to securely deliver HDTV programming and video on demand to guests in hotel rooms.

  • Pro:Idiom encryption technology eliminates the need for a cable box or cable card within the hotel room, eliminating equipment that guests may tamper with.

  • Certain content providers like HBO, Showtime and other TV and movie channels require hotels to have signal encryption like Pro:Idiom TV present in each room to protect their content from being pirated.

Pro:Idiom is a common feature of hospitality TV, enabling hotels to protect HD signals carrying video from content providers. But what is Pro:Idiom TV exactly, and what is its benefit for the hospitality industry?

Here’s a brief primer on “What is Pro:Idiom TV” that provides an introduction to this subject.

What is Pro:Idiom TV?

Pro:Idiom TV refers to a TV display or hospitality TV system that uses Pro:Idiom technology to protect digital content through encryption.

What is Pro:Idiom TV technology?

Pro:Idiom TV was developed by LG specifically for use in the hospitality industry. Encrypted digital HD signals are sent to hotels where they pass through a central decoder, before being re-encoded for secure delivery to TVs in each room where the signal is once again decoded by Pro:Idiom technology within the TV.

What is Pro:Idiom TV vs. consumer technology?

Pro:Idiom TV technology requires TV sets equipped with a Pro:Idiom chip to decode encrypted signals. These TV displays, often called hospitality TV sets, are readily available from major manufacturers. Ordinary consumer televisions are not equipped to handle Pro:Idiom technology.

What is Pro:Idiom TV’s greatest benefit?

Pro:Idiom TV enables hotels to eliminate set-top boxes in guestrooms, providing a cleaner visual aesthetic and removing a piece of equipment to that is often stolen or tampered with.

What is Pro:Idiom TV’s impact on security?

Without encryption technology like Pro:Idiom, digital signals sent to a TV in a guestroom can easily be pirated by an outside source. This is why major providers like HBO require businesses to have an encryption solution like Pro:Idiom TV.

What is Pro:Idiom TV with Spectrum Enterprise?

Spectrum Enterprise provides fiber solutions for Internet, voice and TV solutions, including HDTV solutions for hospitality TV with Pro:Idiom TV technology. Spectrum Enterprise TV options include video solutions that deliver a home-like viewing experience with access to on-demand programs and popular news, sports and information content.